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We sell 3 piece sets.  Each set consists of one 6 Inch Candle Holder and 2 wine glasses.  The glasses are strictly decorative, and give the set an elegant appearance.  Great for a centerpiece or Mantle display.  Our sets Retail at $35.00 for the 3 Pieces.

Our larger Pieces vary greatly in size depending on the glassware I have available.  Each one will weigh anywhere from 15-25 lbs.  Most of the larger pieces have a large holder in the top, so they can be used as a Candle Holder, or you can plant a small cactus in the top to make a more Southwest look.  All of the Larger Pieces Retail for $35.00.  Because of the weight, these pieces are expensive to ship. 

These Handmade Barbie Dresses are crafted by a friend in Springfield Oregon.  Each Dress has a crochet top with snaps in the back for ease of use, and a Fabric Skirt.  The colors and patterns differ depending on available fabric, but we do have some Disney and Sports Themed Dresses.  Our Dresses Retail at $8.00 Each or 2 for $14.00.  Very lightweight and inexpensive to ship.  If you are interested in seeing available stock, please contact me at (210)-410-2568 and I will provide pictures.